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About our RAW Chalk

Nature Climbing is all about the search. The search for the highest quality of stone, wood, the perfect handmade climbing brush, state-of-the-art brushing stick, chalk bag, pure walnut wood sander etc. For us it is, and always will be, about bringing meaningful, honest and more sustainable products to the climbing scene. And now the search has extended to climbing chalk – RAW chalk.

For a long time we have been on the search for highest quality of natural climbing chalk sourced as locally as possible – visiting different regions in the EU, talking to different experts, testing many different types and comprehending the essence of chalk. After a long process we believe that we are getting close enough to share it. However, finding the best natural chalk wasn’t enough, we also needed an uncompromising sustainable type of packaging that would fit the high quality product – in the end we found the coolest recyclable and biodegradable coffee bag to do the job. The name for our new line of chalk is fittingly: RAW.

Whether you are new to climbing and gradually working your way through movements or the verge of sending your next 8B project our Nature Climbing RAW chalk will make a difference in your day to day sessions or projecting. Climbing chalk matters no matter what.

In addition our Nature Climbing RAW Chalk is a clean climbing chalk without any additives, because we strongly believe it is as important to work in an eco-friendly and in a skin-friendly manner. You will feel the difference instantly.

How to use Climbing Chalk

Whether you are new to climbing or a more experienced and seasoned climber using a bit of climbing chalk will greatly improve your performance, because it serves as a counterbalance to the natural perspiration from your hands and fingers. When you get into a session your core temperature will increase from the increased activity and so will the perspiration from your hands and fingers. As so, the use of climbing chalk during a session will keep your hands dry and sticky and greatly improve your ability to ‘stick’ to holds and thereby decreasing the risk of slipping from sweaty hands and palms instead of being close to you body maximum.

Use your climbing chalk consciously during a session. Remember to chalk up with both your hands still in your chalk bucket – e.g. our Magic Bucket which is designed using the highest quality of coated cordura nylon which will ensure your climbing chalk stays in the bag and doesn’t spill out through the material. Chalking up consciously will greatly decrease the amount of dust that gets into the air and overusing the climbing chalk.

RAW Chalk specification

  • 100% pure Magnesium Carbonate Hydroxide.
  • Exact chemical composition: Mg5(CO3)4(OH)24H2O.
  • Without any additives.
  • Launching in: RAW Fine and RAW Chunks – both in 125 g or 250 g versions.
  • Produced in a zero waste facility.
  • Packaging is biodegradable, recyclable and ECO friendly.
  • Packaging is made of kraft paper and biodegradable polylactide acid (PLA).
  • From the dolomites (EU regulated production).
  • Made in EU.

Chalk as it is suppose to be.

USE: Before and during session, apply on clean hands to get dry hands and better stick. After the session, clean your hands with water and apply hydrating cream.

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