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Rhino Skin Solutions

Rhino Skin Solutions are plant-based skin care products, perfect for climbers. Wether you have dry skin, are interested in muscle recovery or want your skin heal after a climb; Rhino Skin's body care products can help. They are made from natural ingredients and are produced in the United States.

Rhino Skin Solutions

Climber's skin careRhino Skin Products

Rhino Repair - CreamRhino Repair - Cream

Rhino Repair Cream

Rhino Performance - CreamRhino Performance - Cream

Rhino Performance Cream

Rhino Dry - Spray or Brush On

Rhino Dry Spray or Brush On

Rhino Mikey’s Tip Juice

Rhino Mikey’s Tip Juice 

Rhino SplitRhino Split

Rhino Split 

Rhino Spit

Rhino Spit 

Rhino Split+

Rhino Split+ 

Rhino Massage

Rhino Massage 


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Raw Chalk - SRaw Chalk - S

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Raw - Chalk CreamRaw - Chalk Cream

Raw Chalk Cream


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Climbing Creams & Rhino Skin Solutions

Welcome to the ultimate destination for climbers seeking the best in skin-care solutions. At Nature Climbing, we understand the unique challenges climbers face, from rough textures of rock faces to the demanding conditions of professional gyms and at-home setups. Our curated selection of Rhino Skin Solutions products stands at the forefront of climbing skin-care, endorsed by top climbers worldwide, including the Olympic champion Janja Garnbret. Whether you're dealing with sweaty palms, dry, cracked skin, or seeking effective recovery options, our range has you covered.

Unveiling the Secret to Healthy Climber's Skin

Climbing is not just a sport; it's an encounter with nature's raw textures. As thrilling as it is, this interaction often leaves climbers with skin-care challenges unique to the sport. Recognizing these needs, Rhino Skin Solutions has developed a specialized line of products, making it the go-to brand for climbers at all levels. From Antihydral cream to finger splits creams, we offer solutions crafted to protect, heal, and enhance the skin's resilience, allowing climbers to focus on their performance without the distraction of skin discomfort.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

Rhino Skin Solutions emphasizes natural ingredients, understanding their profound impact on climbers' skin health. Ingredients like shea butter, tea tree oil, and beeswax are not only effective in moisturizing and repairing but also ensure that the products are eco-friendly and suitable for various skin types.

Tailored Solutions for Every Climber

Understanding that climbers' skin-care needs are as diverse as their climbing routes, our selection includes products tailored to various conditions:

  • For Sweaty Hands: Our range includes solutions that help manage perspiration, ensuring a firm grip on the climb ahead.
  • For Dry and Cracked Skin: Discover products designed to deeply moisturize and repair, bringing relief to damaged and split skin.

For Recovery: Find options that focus on healing and rejuvenation, perfect for post-climb care.

How to Choose the Right Product

Choosing the right skin-care product is crucial for climbers. Factors to consider include skin type (dry, oily, or combination), specific skin issues (sweating, splits, cracks, blisters), and the type of climbing you engage in (bouldering, lead climbing, etc.). Our expertly curated range ensures there's a perfect match for everyone, with detailed descriptions and key benefits listed to guide your selection.

Benefits of Using Rhino Skin Solutions for Climbers

  • Enhanced Grip Stability: Products designed to manage sweat and moisture can significantly improve your grip on the rock or hold. 
  • Faster Recovery: With options focused on healing and repair, climbers can expect quicker recovery times, reducing downtime between climbing sessions.
  • Prevention of Skin Damage: Regular use of Rhino Skin Solutions can help prevent common climbing-related skin issues, such as calluses and blisters, ensuring your skin remains as resilient as your spirit.
  • Eco-Friendly Care: Aligning with Nature Climbing's sustainability ethos, Rhino Skin Solutions uses natural ingredients, minimizing environmental impact without compromising on performance.
  • More Climbing: Get 1-2 more climbing days on your trip.

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