Before mounting Nature Climbing Granite Holds

Before mounting the Nature Climbing Granite Holds (hereafter “holds”) to the climbing wall inspect the holds for any potential damage. If any visible damages or cracks are present do not mount or use the holds under any circumstance and contact us immediately.

If you are unsure about the state of the holds or how to properly mount the holds to the climbing wall contact us immediately. Do not under any circumstance begin mounting the holds to the climbing wall without the proper skillset. Be sure that a qualified, capable and experienced route setter always does the route setting.

What you need for mounting Nature Climbing granite holds
  • A drilling machine or similar device mounted with the proper bits.
  • Appropriate screws and/or bolts that fit the climbing holds.
  • Appropriate screws and/or bolts should penetrate the hold on the backside by at least 2 cm. measured from the backside of the hold to the tip of the screw/bolt (recommended 2-3 cm.)
Handling and mounting the holds

The holds are made out of a carefully selected natural material. When handled correctly and carefully the material is solid and more durable than artificial plastic holds and will be long-lasting. However, the holds are vulnerable to shock and over-tightening. Therefore you need to be aware of the following:

  • Do not drop the holds on a hard surface.
  • Do not throw boxes loaded with the holds on top of each other.
  • When mounting the holds to the climbing wall, with either screws and/or bolts, be sure that holds are tightened correctly. FIRMLY FITTED TO THE CLIMBING WALL AND NOT OVER-TIGHTENED.
  • Always make sure that the holds are fitted with screws and/or bolts in every possible hole.
  • Make sure that the screws and/or bolts are not protruding out the back of the climbing wall when the holds are mounted.
  • If in doubt about the state of the holds and/or the mounting cease climbing on the holds immediately and consult a qualified and experienced route setter or us instantly.

Always double-check the holds for cracks or other visible damages before mounting. Always double-check that holds are mounted firmly, correctly and solidly to the wall before using the holds. Make sure to inspect mounted holds regularly. If any damage is present to a hold discard that hold immediately.

It is YOUR responsibility that a qualified, capable and experienced route setter, climber, coach or a similar experienced individual, with the proper understanding of route setting and the equipment needed for route setting mount the holds and inspect them regularly.