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Stone and raw wood form the basis of our Nature Climbing Hangboards. They are beautiful to look at and highly beneficial at the same time, since training on natural surfaces like our oak and stone prepares your skin for climbing in the outdoors. 


Nature ClimbingHangboards

Raw HangerRaw Hanger

Raw Hanger 

Stone HangerStone Hanger

Stone Hanger 

Stoak Board IIStoak Board II

Stoak Board II 

The BlockThe Block

The Block 

Flash BoardFlash Board

Flash Board 

Skin Prepping KitSkin Prepping Kit

Skin Prepping Kit 


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Nature Climbing Hangboards

Step into the world of Nature Climbing hangboards, where each piece shows what we mean by quality, design, and sustainability. Made from the best oak, granite and sandstone, our hangboards are more than just training tools—they're a stylish addition to any climbing space, designed to inspire and challenge climbers of all levels.

Our hangboards come in both mounted and portable varieties, catering to the diverse needs of the climbing community. Whether you're looking to enhance your training at home or keep up your regimen on the go, our hangboards offer the perfect balance of function and form.

The unique, stylish design of our hangboards is not just for looks. The natural materials provide a realistic climbing texture, improving grip strength and endurance in a way that closely mimics outdoor climbing. This real-rock feel is essential for climbers looking to prep their skin, increase their pain tolerance and be ready for a climbing trip outdoors..

Our portable hangboards are a favorite among climbers who refuse to let travel interfere with their training. Compact and lightweight, these hangboards ensure that you can keep training, wherever you are. They're perfect for warming up at the crag, hotel room workouts, or maintaining strength during a climbing trip. Our Nature Climbing Stone Hanger is said to be the best portable hangboard in the market at the moment, used and praised by top climbers.

For those who have a dedicated training space, our mounted hangboards are a game-changer. Designed to be both a focal point and a fundamental training tool, they provide a stable and varied platform for developing grip strength, endurance, and technique together with skin-prepping aspect.

Choosing a Nature Climbing hangboard means you're not just focused on improving your climbing performance; you're also embracing a piece of art that respects the environment and enhances the aesthetics of your training space. Let our hangboards be a source of inspiration and progress in your climbing journey.

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