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Stone Woodie Holds

Stone Woodie Holds are made from the very best raw materials. We locally source European FSC-certified oak and combine it with Finnish granite or Italian sandstone. We make all of our holds by hand in our workshop in Aarhus, Denmark, which makes them unmatched in their quality and craftsmanship.

Stone Woodie Holds

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Wood and stone climbing holds

Welcome to Nature Climbing's exclusive range of wooden climbing holds—a perfect harmony of design, functionality, and environmental consciousness. Our holds, crafted from German oak and repurposed Norwegian granite, are not just tools for climbers; they embody the spirit of outdoor climbing with each grip. Whether you're setting up a professional gym or tailoring your home climbing wall, our collection is designed to inspire and challenge climbers at every level.

Our wood climbing grips stand out for their durability and natural feel, reminiscent of real rock textures. The choice of oak, known for its strength and resilience, ensures that our holds can withstand the rigors of intense training sessions while remaining beautiful pieces of design. This thoughtful selection of materials not only caters to the practical needs of climbers but also to those passionate about sustainability and the aesthetics of their climbing environment.

Creating a personal climbing wall at home?

Our holds are perfect for those looking to bring the great outdoors inside. The unique combination of wood and stone offers a variety of textures and grips, making every climbing session a new adventure. The artistry in our designs means that each hold is not just a piece of equipment but a part of your home's decor, blending seamlessly into your space.

For the DIY enthusiasts, our collection provides an excellent foundation for homemade climbing projects. Whether you're experimenting with routesetting or crafting a bespoke climbing experience, our wooden climbing holds are versatile enough to meet your creative needs.

Why would you choose climbing holds from natural materials?

  • They simply look better.
  • Imitate the feeling of climbing in nature
  • Rock surfaces are more durable and last longer.
  • Enhance creative route setting.

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