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Compact Hangboards

Compact hangboards, like our Stone Hanger, are designed for those who want to train efficiently at home or on the go. These fingerboards offer multiple hold positions and are perfect for those with limited space for training equipment. They are small and lightweight, making them easy to transport and store.

Compact Hangboards

Stone HangerStone Hanger

Stone Hanger 

Raw HangerRaw Hanger

Raw Hanger 

The BlockThe Block

The Block 

Flash BoardFlash Board

Flash Board 


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Portable & Compact Hangboards

Welcome to the peak of climbing training innovation—Nature Climbing’s portable hangboards. Crafted from the finest oak, with select models featuring granite and sandstone edges, these hangboards are your gateway to enhancing climbing performance through precise, effective finger strength training on the go.

At the core of climbing excellence is unparalleled finger strength—something our portable hangboards deliver on. With a variety of hold types and textures, they provide a comprehensive platform for improving finger strength and endurance, key ingredients in the recipe for climbing success.

Merging sustainability with design, each hangboard is a piece of art crafted from handpicked, eco-friendly materials. The use of oak and natural stone not only ensures durability but also brings a piece of the outdoors into your training space, making every workout an experience in itself. The granite and sandstone edges improve your pain-tolerance and prepare your skin for climbing outdoors.

The Compact Powerhouse

Designed for climbers who demand both functionality and aesthetic elegance, our compact hangboards are perfect for all levels, from beginners sharpening their skills to advanced climbers refining finger strength and endurance. Despite their compact size, these hangboards pack a multitude of grip types to simulate the variety of holds encountered outdoors. Their small footprint makes them an ideal fit for any setting, ensuring your training continues seamlessly, no matter your space constraints.

Why choose portable & compact hangboards?
  • Improve finger-strength with a comprehensive training session.
  • Easy to transport, take your finger-training wherever you go.
  • They simply look good and esthetically stand-out among other climbing equipment.
  • Made to last, compact hangboards withstand weight up to 90kg.
  • Versatility, they are seriously functional for every level and style of climbing.
  • We guarantee that your climbing will improve with regular training on our portable hangboard.

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