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Our philosophy at Nature Climbing can be expressed easily by a few simple words: superior design, pure quality materials & uncompromising craftsmanship. We believe that true craftsmanship is a timeless quality. True craftsmanship radiates an understanding of materials, design and durability. It knows no borders, and the aim is never to maximize profit, but to maximize the passion put into the products. At Nature Climbing, climbing is our passion. We will keep inventing, designing, shaping and producing the most inspiring, functional, aesthetic and unique products in our own workshop – located in Aarhus, Denmark.

Mads Bülow & Christian Jervelund

Climbing EQUIPMENT from our workshop!

The selection of honest materials and suppliers is a cornerstone in every product we make. No matter if it is a piece oak, Finnish or Norwegian granite or Italian sandstone we always select and source our materials as locally as possible. All our materials are sourced from within the EU and all our suppliers are located in the EU. We think it makes most sense this way – from both an environmentally and ethically standpoint.

In our workshop we are working with raw natural materials. We are producing climbing holds, hangboards, handcrafted brushes and quality equipment from solid hardwood and European stone. 

From the first delicate lines are scribbled onto a piece of paper in our design process to the finished products leave our workshop; we take the greatest pride in details. Details in many forms. Details in selecting the right materials, refining the ideas, shapes and testing the durability vigorously. Our climbing holds and products can sustain use in climbing gyms, home gyms and in nature – from where we draw our inspiration.

How our Climbing brushes are made

All our Nature Climbing Brushes are made of European FSC certified white maple wood. The sides of the brushes are burnt to make a beautiful contrast between the light wood surface and the dark burnt area on the sides. At the back of the brushes, we attach a piece of walnut wood with an engraved logo.

Every single bundle of hairs is tied down by hand – separately and using a wire. This is a piece of craftsmanship you will never get to see when you receive your brushes as we hide and protect it delicately by attaching a piece walnut wood on the backside of the brush to protect it. 

Meet Bent. If you have a Nature Climbing brush there is a good chance Bent’s hands has played a vital role in making it. He is a blind craftsman who has been tying down brushes for a lifetime. This is a delicate craftsmanship and it is a lot harder to master than you can imagine. Compared with a machine brush a handmade brush will last for a lot longer and keep the tension. And then it has a social benefit to it.

The hand-selected  70 mm long boar’s bristles of the highest quality are attached by looping separate bundles through the backside of the brush by hand and attached very close together. Finally, the bristles are cut 19 mm and 16 mm long respectively, to create a smooth and effective brushing experience. All bristles are attached by hand, which ensures superior quality and durability. All the bristles are attached by blind brush masters in close cooperation with the blind organization “Blindes Arbejde” in Denmark.

The walnut inlay is designed by us, cut on our own laser, handstamped with a color and handfinished afterwards.

Remember to brush! Brushing is important for both rock, hands and holds!

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Our brush stick "The Stick IT" in Action!

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How our climbing brushes are made!

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Our #natureclimber Thomas Blaabjerg in sweden!

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