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Nature Climbing – Chalk Bucket – Magic Bucket

The Nature Climbing Magic Bucket is not just yet another climbing chalk bucket.

Designed in our own workshop in Denmark and Made in EU in close cooperation with our Scandinavian family-owned textile partner. It has soul, better design, materials and craftsmanship.

Better design of a chalk bucket – Designed in our own workshop in Aarhus, Denmark. Magnet top band, 2x big pockets with zippers, side pocket, Nature Climbing Brush and Sanders holder and a unique and innovative phono pocket with a magnet lid.

  • NB: Roll the top lid as you would a waterproof bag – 3-4 times to ensure that it is firmly closed! This will make it compact and easy to stack in a bag as well.

Better materials of a chalk bucket – Highest quality waterproof 8133MF Cordura nylon, reinforced top band, beef YKK-zippers, strong metal buckle and magnets. The light and tightly woven coated fabric makes the chalk bag water resistant and keeps the chalk on the inside, minimizing the amount of chalk that gets into the pockets. The material is light and squeezable, but still thick and tough, which ensures that the bucket is super durable and can stand.

Better craftsmanship of a chalk bucket – Made in EU in close cooperation with our Scandinavian family-owned textile partner. Produced in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified factories.

Launching now in a stylish royal navy blue and light stone grey. Get it before your fellow #natureclimber!

All Magic Buckets come with a bag of either Fine or Chunks Nature Climbing RAW Chalk – 125g.

NB: Comes WITHOUT brushes and sanders.

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