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Nature Climbing Stone Woodies – ORIGINALS are made exclusively from carefully selected strong Finnish granite or Italian sandstone (white or rose) and European FSC certified oak. Our shapers handpick the raw material. After the selection every single wood base and sandstone piece is cut on high precision machinery, shaped and finished by hand. The stone is then attached to the wood base relying on our many years of experience in working with wood and stone. These holds are a one-of-a-kind on the market and we are the only company in the world who has refined natural shaping to this extend -used in commercial gyms and in private home gyms all over the world. Trust us; you will feel the magnificent handmade craftsmanship and difference once you get them into your hands.


The Stone Woodies Originals S measures 15 cm x 2 cm x 8 cm and comes in three different profiles: sloped, vertical or incut; either RAW or SHIELDED. Read more about the details in the description below.

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GRANITE is our classic line; most skin intensive and resembles outdoor climbing outside in a crisp Scandinavian granite boulder area.

WHITE SANDSTONE is a softer and less frictiony option; it requires more tension and resembles climbing in sandstone areas.

ROSE SANDSTONE offers the same feel as white sandstone; it is soft but with slightly less friction than white sandstone.


Our RAW series keeps the surface and friction of the wood natural, resulting in the most stunning natural climbing hold we have ever created. The result: a line of natural climbing holds that are made out of 99% natural materials, comparable in weight to artificial holds and has a lot more milage. Use sandpaper for cleaning the wood base; brushing and cold water for cleaning the sandstone surface. Ideal for home gyms and training walls.

Our SHIELDED series treats the wood gently with a paper thin and strong layer of Eco Epoxy (and a touch of magic) to achieve a completely water-sealed and slick surface. Our SHIELDED series relies on a gentle treating of the wood as you would a wooden surfboard. The result: a line of natural climbing holds that are made out of 99% natural materials, comparable in weight to artificial holds, has a lot more milage and durable when it comes to using high pressure cold water for cleaning. Ideal for commercial setting, where long lasting durability and easy maintenance are top priority.


Designing, developing, shaping and producing our new line of Stone Woodies is by far the most dedicated and ambitious goal we have ever set out to do – remodeling and reinventing our workshop space completely in the process. Our philosophy and ambition is to push natural shaping as far as we can and raise a new bar for sustainability and possibilities in the climbing hold industry. This is what drives us every day – and this is only the beginning.

All our holds are easily mounted with standard bolts and/or screws for routesetting.

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Granite, Rose Sandstone, White Sandstone



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