Nature Climbing Stick It

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The Nature Climbing Stick It is the most advanced, aesthetic and durable brushing stick ever created for climbing. Made from premium anodized aluminum and high quality carbon imbued inlays. Designed in our own workshop and produced locally in Denmark on high-precision machinery. It is brushing taken to an entirely new level.

  • The innovative Stick It ball design, the 360 rotation and curved mount, makes it easy to angle your brushes to get perfectly into/onto holds without applying excessive pressure or getting into weird positions.
  • The Stick It ball-locking mechanism creates the perfect amount of tension needed for applying sufficient pressure on the bristles. No need to over-tighten or use excessive pressure.
  • You no longer need separate brushes for a separate brush-stick setup. Use your high quality handmade Nature Climbing brushes where it really matters.
  • Easily attach and detach brushes in a matter of seconds.
  • The aluminum Stick It brushing head has the extra benefit acting as a hand cooler when bouldering outside.
  • High quality materials, craftsmanship and unparalleled durability from A to Z.

We have partnered with the American company Ettore to provide the highest quality of aluminum extension poles on the market. The Stick It brushing head clicks easily onto the Ettore pole tip with quicklock. Whether you go for the short stick (2x30cm), the favourite (2x60cm), the gym stick (2x120cm) or the ultimate 3 section tool (3x90cm), you are guaranteed long lasting quality characterized by:

  • Heavy duty construction 40% stronger than the competition.
  • Gold anodized aluminum prevents corrosion.
  • Ergonomic cone and clamp assemblies.
  • Countored grip for extended working time.

ALL Nature Climbing Stick It packages come with a high quality Ettore extension pole, a handmade Nature Climbing Big Brush and a Sander.

If you have special wishes for the color of the Big Brush and Sander please leave a comment below.

Nature Climbing provides 2 years of full warranty on any defects or mechanical failures originating from manufacturing on any Stick It brushing head.

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Check out the video below – Unboxing – The Nature Climbing Stick It – to see how it works:

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Stick-It + Interpro (2x30cm), Stick-It + REA-C-H (2x60cm), Stick-It + REA-C-H (2x120cm), Stick-It + REA-C-H (3x90cm)