B2B / Business to Business

The website and webshop is a display of our products and aimed at private customers and climbers. For any business, reseller or climbing gym requests please contact us at: info@natureclimbing.com to receive the newest catalog and place your order.

Nature Climbing is a proud partner and exclusive distributor of Tension Climbing (https://www.tensionclimbing.com) in Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland & Iceland).

Nature Climbing is a proud partner and exclusive distributor of Rhino Skin Solutions (https://www.rhinoskinsolutions.com) in Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland).

International Partners & Distributors:

Austria & Southern Germany: OvercomeGravity / www.overcomegravity.com / Manuel Mast / overcomegravity@gmx.at

Germany: Benky Vertical Equipment / www.benkyclimbing.com / Christian Benky Benk / sales@benkyclimbing.com

Denmark – Climbing Equipment: Boulders / www.boulders.dk / Martin Petersen / mp@boulders.dk

Denmark – Holds: Gubbies / www.gubbies.com / Steffen Woetmann / steffen@gubbies.com

Japan: SevenA / climbing.jp / Mayumi Shiraki / sales@e7a.jp

Spain: Grasshopper Spain / www.bouldergrasshopper.com / Jorge Bravo / grasshopper.spain@gmail.com

UK: Dark Ventures / www.darkventures.co.uk / Patrick Saunders / sales@darkventures.co.uk

USA: Tension Climbing / www.tensionclimbing.com / Will Anglin / will@tensionclimbing.com

USA: Rhino Skin Solutions / www.rhinoskinsolutions.com / Justin Brown / justin@rhinoskinsolutions.com