International Partners

International Distributors:

Australia: Reyfearn Climbing Supplies / reyfearnclimbingsupplies.com.au / Alec Redfearn / alec@reyfearnclimbingsupplies.com.au

Austria & Southern Germany: OvercomeGravity / www.overcomegravity.com / Manuel Mast / overcomegravity@gmx.at

France: Bleaujob Team / Pierre Broyer / pierre.broyer.pb@gmail.com

Japan: SevenA / climbing.jp / Mayumi Shiraki / sales@e7a.jp

Spain: Grasshopper Spain / www.bouldergrasshopper.com / Jorge Bravo / grasshopper.spain@gmail.com

USA & Canada: Premium Holds / www.premiumholds.com / Canon Huse / canon@premiumholds.com


International Business Partners:

Nature Climbing is a proud co-lab partner and exclusive distributor of Tension Climbing (https://www.tensionclimbing.com) in Scandinavia and EU.

Nature Climbing is a proud partner and distributor of Rhino Skin Solutions (https://www.rhinoskinsolutions.com) in Scandinavia.

Nature Climbing is a proud partner and exclusive distributor of Unparallel Climbing Shoes (https://www.unparallelsports.com) in Denmark.


Ambassadors / Nature Climbers:

Bjørn Arnel Iissager / Danish Athlete / @bjorniisager

Justin Salas / US Athlete / Paraclimbing World Champion / @vengasalas

Kerry Scott / US Athlete / @kerryscott123

Katrine Vander Salling / Danish Athlete / @katrinesalling

Karo Sinnhuber / Austrian Athlete / @karo_sinnhuber

Kenneth Rasmussen / Danish Athlete / @kenneth_climbs

Marc Bourguignon / US Athlete / @thegnarwall

Mikkel Normann Meinertsen / Danish Athlete / @mikkelnor

Nikoline Öhrström / Danish Athlete / @ohnikoline

Nicholas Milburn / US Athlete / @nicolaimilburn

Sam Weir / US Athlete / @sam__weir

Seb Bouin / French Athlete / @sebbbouin

Thomas Blaabjerg / Danish Athlete / @thomasblaabjerg

Thomas Brand Kjær / Danish Athlete / @thomasbrandtkjaer

Tor Johnson / Swedish Athlete /@torjo

Dr. Tyler Nelson / Camp4 Human Performance / @c4hp


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